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Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have good news for all my followers!
I'm doing a contest.
Yes, I know. Most people wait till a certain point to do this on their blog,
but guess what? I'm far from most people, don't you agree?

So this is a simple, goofy contest that just popped in my head.
Anyone can do this, so I hope everyone participates.
Must be a follower of my blog .
So here it is:

"Meeting the Parents"
You know how on tv, they always make meeting the parents a much bigger deal than it usually is, or usually turns out to be? Or they put some crazy spin on it?
Yea, well it always makes me laugh, cause I'm like really now ? haha

So anyways, here's what you have to do.
Either creating a collage, a pinterest board, yourself or someone else,
Create a "Meeting the parents attire and/or survival kit".

You can make this serious, you can make it funny, whatever you want to do with it.
You have to explain why you chose some of the items/why they're are must have to meet the parents.
(This can include accessories not related to clothes) - that's the fun of it

I'll leave this contest open for about two weeks.
leave your entries on my fb page:

if you don't have a facebook, leave a link to your collage or pinterest board on this post along with your reasons for your choices.
Or post it on your blog and leave the link on here.
this is only if you do not have a facebook page.

I will pick two winners!
I will announce the winners on December 30th.

Now, onto the prizes:

1st place winner will receive: A clutch from Asos.
Check back tomorrow to find out which one : )

2nd place winner will receive:
One of the China Glaze holiday sets.
I haven't decided which one yet because they're all so great.

So good luck to everyone & I can't wait to see your entries!

Plenty Lovee & Swaag
xoxo, Shariece
: )


  1. Haha, how great! I just posted my pinterest board on your FB page :)


  2. Oops, I thought I had clicked the Follow button! All fixed :) Your blog is really cute!

  3. no problem : ) thank you for following & I'm glad you like my blog.

    I will make sure to check yours out too, I love reading new blogs.

    & your entry was great !
    good luck ! and thanks again !

  4. I'm mildly addicted to Pinterest & I can't wait to work on my "meet the parent's" board :) Next time you're in D.C. you need to get a cupcake from G-town no matter HOW long the line is .. it's worth it!

  5. Can't wait for your entry : ) !
    & yes I really do need to ! , I will make sure I put tht at the top of my list


  6. what a fun contest! You go girl!!!!



Thank you all for your lovely comments : ) I look forward to them !