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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wearing your swaag , or Rockinnn' it !

Alot of people go shopping , see things they want or think is cute . Inside they're dying to by it , but don't ! Why is that ? Usually for fear they won't beable to pull it off. They think people might laugh, call what they're wearing ugly , etc. , etc.

First thing first , No one has the exact same style. There's going to be things you like , that the next person will not; or vice versa. Correct ?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dont Forget!!!

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1 up , 2 up

Everyone hates when they're shopping & they see a gorgeous shoe , & guess what ? It's too biiiig ! Ahhh , the pain in that .

Can't really fix that problem , buut you know what problem we can fix ?

Walking in a store and seeing this cuteee shirt , look at the size , too biiig ! Your size isn't anywhere . Big shirts can always be taking care of with a belt ! An easy , quick & cute fix to keep you from missing out on that gorgeous shirt !

No more bein lazy

So I create this blog right ? , and then feel too lazy to post anything . Well I finally atleast told myself "stop being lazy" I mean , i have to atleast have ONE post . Who wants to come across a blank blong ? NOT ME ! : )

So since we're on this subject of being lazy , lets talk about my room. I have a list of things I need to do with it . It is a completeee MESS. This week I've accomplished one task , reorganizing my makeup . It looks pretty good for now atleast .

So lets bust out this list of room chores , minus tha whole I NEED TO PAINT IT ! haha . , But I need , need , NEEED to get things straight first .

Clear off the top of my dresser , clear off my corner table , clear off my main three section table , & clean out my closet AGAINNN.

Lets see how long it will take to get atleast one of these done with my procrastination . !

On a lighter noteeee , I hope through time and more post , you enjoy my blog. It will be a little of this and that .
xoxo, Shariece
: )