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Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOTD & Review Swaag !

Hello everyone,
I have good news! I have my comp. back ! Yayy. It's been long enough am I right? It actually wasn't so bad not having it, but I hated the fact I couldn't blog!

Anyways, I have two outfit posts for you! I decided to put them both in one post b/c I wore the same jeans with both outfits & I have my hair up in both , which never happens. Those were the first times I've worn my hair pulled up in years.

 & One is for a review for Ruched Boutique .
The review is well over-due, but better late than never.

^^ this picture is dark, but I like it so oh well. haha

Sweater- JCP ; Jeans-Khols ; Scarf-Walmart ; Shoes-Target

This day, I went out to eat with my mom and sister. I had on very little makeup and I dressed comfy. I feel like sometimes I feel better when I just dress like this. I don't know why. The jeans I have on didn't come with all those rips in them. I did all that myself and they're one of my favorite pair of jeans.

I changed my bun on this day haha.
 I like it this way better, but I still don't like wearing my hair up.

 Polka dot tank-Papaya ; Oversized grey shirt-Ruched Boutique ; Jeans-Khols
Boots-Wetseal ; Tights-Target ; Necklace-Charming Charlie ; Earrings-Borrowed

Of course I wore my favorite boots. I told you that you would see a lot of these babies : )
I'm telling you , they are just soo comfyy. Can't beat it!

I wore this teal fishnet style tights under my jeans.
This time , I made my rips bigger. I like it : )

This night, I went to Joe's Crab Shack for my moms birthday. : )

^^ That was my makeup from that night. I used a teal color, but I didn't use a lot of it, so you can't really see it here.

Review: I purchased this oversize shirt from Ruched Boutique the same time I purchased the scarf that I did a review on. As soon as I took the shirt out the box, I loved it ! It was so soft, I loved the color, and the cut-outs in the sleeves. It also had little studs on the sleeve.

Attached to the tag it came with a little ribbon that was holding a cardboard tag that told you how to care for the shirt. I loved that. The picture below is a little blurry, but you get the point  !

If you like shirts like this, I would really recommend getting it. You'll love it. Also, make sure you check out this boutique. They have very cute items.!

I hope you enjoyed my two outfits and the review : )

P.S I was thinking, you know how we have blogger meetups? What do you think about Blogger Skype meetups ?? Just a thought! Let me know what you think! : )

Plenty Lovee & Swaag
xoxo, Shariece
: )


  1. love your jeans! :)

  2. u look sooooooooooo pretty!!

  3. love the bun and im glad you're back

  4. thank youu : ) & I know , I'm glad too.

  5. I love those jeans and booties!!! Purple and gray looks so fab together!!!


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