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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today might be the last day of me blogging for a little while! :(
All because of my stupid laptop screen ! I opened it this morning and my screen is completely white ! ahh , this sucks. I have my laptop hooked up to my desktop monitor which is the only way I'm writing this right now. I should still be able to reply to any comments left on my blog and anything sent to my email on my phone, but as far as new posts go, it might be a little while. I'm hoping they can fix it quickly because I need my laptop. I had posts ready and everything. I promise when I get it fixed though, I'll have things in store for you :)

Great way to start 2012 huh ? broken laptop screen. What can you do I guess.
Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. And hopefully we'll be back in touch sooner than later!
You can always shoot me an email though, don't forget  : )

Plenty Lovee & Swaag
xoxo, Shariece


  1. Sorry to hear about that! Isn't it just plain crappy when technological objects we rely on let us down just like that? I hope your laptop gets fixed soon!
    Good luck,

  2. Yes! I hate when things go wrong :/ ah it sucks but thanksss. I hope so too

  3. That sucks big time! My motherbroad went out last month i was devasted because i have online classes. Good luck and come back :)

  4. I knoww. Im really hoping it gets fixed fast. Thankss : )

  5. Aww that just sucks. The same thing happened to me! I ordered a new screen off Ebay because it turned out to be cheaper then the bill the computer repair shop tried to give me :-(

  6. stumbled on your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv!

    aw. hope you get your comp fixed soon!!

  7. Thanks so much : )

    I'll be sure to check yours out also

  8. Thanks so much : )

    I'll be sure to check yours out also


Thank you all for your lovely comments : ) I look forward to them !