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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gift Guide Swag: GIFT CARDS

Gift cards! How can you possibly go wrong with them? I love receiving gift cards. It gives you the freedom to choose what you want from your favorite places. A lot of people prefer to receive gift cards over a gift. Sometimes we get those gifts that are just ehhh, not your style, not something you would of ever bought yourself, or just something that you're not quite sure if it has room along with everything else you have. Gift cards are for everyone, with no size required.
Here's a few examples of some gift cards:

for everyone: VISA gift cads; I think these are the best out of all gift cards because you can use them just about everywhere.
restaurant/food place gift cards, gift cards for places that have a grocery section in their store.
fashion shopaholics: give someone a gift card to their favorite place to shop.
Gift cards for stores online are a great idea! Or to a fabric store! (for the crafty people also)

Electronic geeks: Places like Best Buy, Radioshack, anywhere with great electronics is a choice for a gift card.
cooking/baking lovers: give them a gift card to a place to a place that sells all cooking and baking things. That's like heaven for someone who loves to cook or bake.
Book lovers: a gift card to a book store, like Barnes and Nobles, or a gift card to a place that has a book section along with a little cute note on what the gift card is intended for.
Pet lovers: gift cards to Petco, Pets mart, or a pet grooming place is always a great idea.
Sports fans: Give sport lovers a gift card to a sports store. They'll love it.
That's just a few examples of the gift cards you & the type of people you could get gift cards for.
Plenty Lovee & Swaag
xoxo, Shariece
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