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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steps to achieve Autumn Eyes

I'm finally getting around to posting the steps to the Autumn Eyes look I posted a few days ago !
I hope this explains everything. I'll put the link to the original post at the end. Enjoy : )

Step 1: Prime those eyes !
- I used an eye primer by L'oreal

Step 2: Using a cream eye shadow, cover lid from lash line to brow.

Step 3: Cover only your eye lid using a medium gold/brown color.
- I used physicians formula's Bronzer/blush/shadow palette.

Step 4: Use a flat brush to pat on a medium orange color over entire lid. (yes over the gold)
- I used  an orange from one of L'oreal's H.I.P duos.

Step 5: Using a maroon color of choice, apply to the outer edge of your eye & halfway up into the crease and BLEND !
- I used a maroon from a Cover Girl quad.

Step 6: with the highlight of your choice, apply underneath brow, and blend down.

Step 7: Apply black liner to the upper lid, dragging it out half an inch past eye.
* Apply liner to the bottom lid, UNDERNEATH the lash line (only half way)

Step 8: Using a metallic gold liner, apply to other half of the the lash line AND the water line.
-I used L'oreal H.I.P, their eyeliners are wonderful & their metallic liners go on easy & smoothly.

Step 9: Apply the same orange shadow used earlier, to the bottom lid underneath liner.

Step 10: Apply mascara. and you're done !

** Hope this helped ! I plan to do more of a tutorial soon !
If there's any questions, feel free to ask !

Have a great day : )
xoxo Shariece

Click the link below for the original post and pictures.


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