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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Swaag Sneakers & Hats.

Aside from the heels, boots, and the cute little outfits, the words "or swaag" wasnt just thrown in there behind beauty for no reason ; )

I love shopping and buying new shoes, clothes and all, but there are times , a lot of times, when I just don't feel like wearing shoes. I'll buy shoes, and they'll be worn maybe a couple times. I just love buying them though.

Sneakers and fitted hats. Yes, I like to wear hats. With my make-up on of course, unless I'm just in the house. haha

There's just something about throwing on those cute sneakers and that hat. Also, Jordans with a blazer ? Two thumbs up !

there's the orSWAG ! : )

good day : )
xoxo, Shariece !

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