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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Love & Hate Relationship with Purses (Ranting)

Happy Friday the 13th beautiful people!
I hope you all have had an easy week and are ready for your weekend! I've actually been off all week. Last Friday was my final day at my job and I start my new one on Monday. Yes!, finaaallyyyyy. :)
So I've had a little mini vacation, no complaints there of course. I'm a little nervous about orientation week, but the good thing is that I can dress in cute clothes for that week because once I start I'll have a set uniform. :/

So anyways, if you've noticed, I have only posted one post where I actually showed my bag. Reason being, I usually never have one with me. Well, I usually have the same one with me because I get to lazy to transfer. Maybe that's just telling me to get my ass organized, am I right? Yes, probably so. ( I know , sometimes I answer myself , real healthy right ). Another reason is that sometimes I just like to throw my phone and card in my pocket - if I have them - and keep it moving. So basically it just depends on my mood.

I do love purses very much though and I keep telling myself that I will try to show more of that on my blog. Old habits are to rid I guess. I actually bought a new bag today from target. I've had my eye on it for awhile and it went on clearance so I grabbed it quick!

Now that I've ranted to you about my purse carrying problems, I'm going to leave you with some sort of cute items and wish you happy weekend!

(just some cute items I've come across)



Plenty lovee & Swaag


  1. Girl I gotta have a purse with me always. I carry everything in them. Smh. Love that yellow bag and that dress from Asos. HOT!

    1. i know girl. when i do have a purse i usually grab the biggest one so i can throw everyhthing in there

  2. thanks for the comment. Congrat's on the new job!!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  3. You should stop by and snag one of my clutches ;)


    1. omg i knowww ! i promise i plan on it : )


Thank you all for your lovely comments : ) I look forward to them !