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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guest Post: High Fashion to help Cancer

Throughout a woman’s life she will experience a plethora of ups and downs. When she experiences these given situations she will have to find a way to deal with these emotions in a positive manner to allow herself to feel more accepting of what is happening at that given moment. One way that a woman typically chooses to deal with certain feelings and release what is on her mind is through fashion.

Women tend to look to high fashion to encompass their mood and wear items that make them feel good about themselves. When a woman loses some weight she may want to show it off in something form fitting and gorgeous. When she wants to hide her self-perceived flaws she may choose to do so in a manner that makes her feel better about herself; for example, by using makeup and accessories or wearing a certain color to extenuate other qualities she may feel good about herself with. Whatever a woman is going through, she can use fashion to make her feel confident, beautiful and more empowered with herself.

There may come a time when a woman will feel the need to reclaim her confidence when she is diagnosed with cancer. A rare form of cancer, such as mesothelioma can mentally be a powerful blow for the way a women feels about external self. However, when she is going through treatments to combat her cancer, she needs to have all the confidence she can get to regain feeling like the beautiful woman she is.

Women can fight their cancer by increasing their self-esteem and not allowing the disease to succumb their mental spirit. The easiest way to do this is through fashion. When a woman feels good about her looks, her entire mood improves and her confidence level rises, along with her feelings of power; this can improve her overall quality of life.

A woman going through a cancer treatment can use fashion, shoes or accessories to improve her mood and appearance. Perhaps her favorite pair of designer jeans always make her feel great because they fit just right and make her derrière look fabulous. Maybe a name brand suit makes her feel a sense of empowerment and gives her a sense of authority. For a look outside of the office, she may try on a wrap dress that clings to every possible curve she has to make her look gorgeous and feminine.

Away from certain pieces of fashion, perhaps it is the shoes that allow a woman to feel sexier than ever. It could be those glorious fashion forward, high heeled shoes in bright hues with towering platforms that make a woman feel longer and leaner in an instant. Try on a pair the next time you wear a flirty skirt or a dress and show off your calves or even wear a vibrant pair of heels to boost your mood up and just have some fun!

In fact, the simple addition of a pretty scarf or a glittering piece of jewelry can extenuate other great features a woman possesses. A chunky high fashion necklace can take a given outfit from drag to fab in a matter of minutes. You can completely change a look by just adding a piece of sparkling jewelry to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd!

Fashion is something that cancer can never take away from a woman. So, fight back and regain the confident, elegant and fabulous woman you are by utilizing all the attributes fashion has to offer. Get back to living a beautiful life from the inside out and love the fact that being a woman means expressing yourself everyday through the latest styles!


Thanks to the wonderful Jackie Clark for this great article. I'm glad that she contacted me about doing a guest post on such a great topic. I hope you all enjoyed!

Plenty Lovee & Swaag


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