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Thursday, December 8, 2011

JC[Jeffrey Campbell] VS. JC Inspired.

There's no secret that everyone wants a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots. Right or wrong?
I'm still waiting for the moment when I'm going to break down and buy mine.

So here's a question:
Is it worth buying a pair of Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoes
or should you just that money towards the real thing?

For people who aren't so into designer things, that could be an easy question.
I don't fall over at the mention of designer brand material, but some things in the end are a better investment when you get the real thing.

If you don't already own the original designer brand of the inspired pair you're thinking about buying, it might be a little hard to determine what should you do.
& then again, it might not matter because you've never had the real thing, so they might be great for you, until you go try on the real thing, or vice versa.

I was on Barefeet Shoes and the first thing advertised on the front page that caught my eye was an ad that said "Bootie Blowout" with two sparkly pair of boots that closely resemble JC's Lita boots, give or take.

As pictured below:

On the site, these boots run about $45.00.
It's not breaking the pocket and it still looks like a pretty good structured shoe.
The shape isn't exactly the same as JC's, but very similar.
And the heel on this looks pretty solid.

To see the other two JC inspired shoes from Barefeet click Here .

Here are the real JC Lita Boots.
Listed on Nasty Gal for $162.00

$117.00 difference.

So what do you think? Invest in the real thing, does it really matter?
Does it depend on certain things ?
Let me know your opinion : )

But for those who don't care and are just looking for a cheaper alternative, it's worth a try huh?

Plenty Lovee & Swaag.
xoxo, Shariece
: )


  1. At first I was all gung-ho about getting the "real" Lita until I found out that the J.C. was just a cheaper alternative of another more expensive designer he borrowed the design from. So I feel like any shoe that isn't the original creator is "inspired" some just cost more than others. With the Lita b/c it is SOO popular I see it fizzling out in a year.......tooo many people will have them on and u'll get sick of seeing them so I'd get the cheaper version so I won't feel like I wasted money on a trendy shoe that I only bought b/c it was trendy b/c honestly the shape of the Lita would not have appealed to me if it wasn't "trendy" right now.

  2. I get exactly what you're saying. I think you made my decision for me haha.

    I honestly like the shape of the ones from Barefeet more than I do JC's.

    thanks for your opinion lovely : )



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