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Friday, December 2, 2011

Guest Blogger Friday-Farrah Garcia

I am almost always in jeans. What can I say? They are comfortable, affordable, and easy to pair with anything. They can be dressed up or down. They are universal, and a symbol of equality. It’s no frills—perfect for an on-the-go college student like me. Lastly, it is easier to find bigger jean sizes than say, dresses or skirts.

We have our reasons why we love our jeans. For others like me, we live in them. Maybe because we don’t like showing off our legs in shorts, or because we’d rather invest our clothing money into the practical jean that can be paired with anything rather than a skirt you can only wear once. Irregardless, being in jeans, although limiting, doesn’t mean you cannot express yourself fashionably. It may stump me sometimes, but it’s never hindered me from expressing my sense of style. There are a lot of cuts, colors, washes, cloths and styles--not to mention tops to pair it with--that you can choose from. Here are some of my tips to being injeanious:
  1. Choose jeans that fit your body. Know the cut that flatters your body. Why? Because the wrong cut just doesn’t look attractive! Baggy pants never looked good on anyone. Curvy girls, take note, don’t try to hide in baggy pants. They make us look bigger! Too tight pants show off a very unflattering muffin top, and no one likes that! A good fit will always be in fashion.
  2. Fold. I’ve found that the simplest way to change up your jeans is to fold the ends. Folding it up to the ankles is flattering on almost everyone. Cuffed jeans are have become trendy quite lately—a lot of celebs have been spotted folding their jeans. Look to sites like for inspiration.
  3. Change it up with colored jeans. Colored jeans are a great alternative to regular denims. If you’re getting colored jeans, I advise you to get a pair in red or green. They look tasteful when paired with a black and white striped top. Very Parisian.

Farrah Garcia
I’m a 20 year old Chemical Engineering student who loves fashion and is an aspiring makeup artist & fashion stylist. I like to blog about fashion & beauty, food, fun and family.


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