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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Khloe Kardashian, A Style Icon.

I must say, I do love the Kardashians for the most part. All of them are full of personality and they are just fun to watch, give or take on some days. I've always loved Khloe. She's funny, speaks her mind, she's gorgeous and her fashion is lovely. All of the sisters are well-dressed of course, but I think that Khloe's style stands out. While Kim is always known for her make-up, I think Khloe is well known for her outfits and heels.

She can take something so simple and make it look great on her. I love that. If I had the chance to shop in her closet, I'd never leave out of there!

We all got a peek at her closet before. Remember this photo:

& this one ^^ from Elle Magazine!

I found this photo ^^ on google. This is an example of what I mean by her taking something so simple and making it look great! Ripped jeans, printed button up, and heels.
She looks great!

Look at how amazing she looks in this picture. I love her make up.

Sometimes I feel as if Khloe is overlooked as a fashion Icon. That's why I did this post, to bring more light to her style.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Plenty of love & swaag.
xoxo, Shariece.
: )


  1. I'm glad you shared this! I'd never seen her that way before. I tend to avoid anything Kardashian or Jersey Shore-esque (not having TV helps with that!), but now I'll be sure to be on the lookout for her outfits. I feel like I can identify with her style!

  2. Yes , many people over look that about her, but I've always admired her style, especially her shoes.

    thank you for reading and commenting.

    xoxo, Shariece

  3. she is a stunning girl. the problem is so is everyone in the media- even if your great!
    i think you have to make a massive fashion faux pas to get noticed, then improve your style ttm. i mean all i have to say is meat dress.

    chlo xx

  4. I used to not be very keen on them but Khloe always dresses really well.



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