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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blogging during the HOLIDAYS !, Are YOU ready ?

So what are your plans for the holidays? I know I've been thinking for awhilee now what it will be like around that time. All of the lovely blog topics, that's my favorite time of the year to go and read blogs. I love it. The holidays add so much more to what you can blog about.

I'm already having ideas running through my head on what my blog will look like, feature, the topics I'll have. I'm hoping my blog will grow a little more before that time officially gets here.

I'm writing this group to get some insight, inspiration, creative ideas, and much more. Anything you have or want to share about holiday blogging, don't be shy to leave it here or contact me through email.

I'm also wanting to do some type of collabs during the holiday season. I haven't thought of anything specific yet, but if you're interested, let me know : )
happy blogging !

Plenty lovee & swaag.
Shariece : )


  1. I'd be happy to do a guest post sometime! As for the holidays, I plan to finish my second novel and finish a first draft of the third. I also hope to have a novel writing e-course available by December. Fifty followers on my blog would be nice as well (I'm currently half-way there)!

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  3. Hello Shariece! Nice to see a realistic girl around! Tired of plastic! I hope you like my blog, now I'm following you on bloglovin and google friend connect, if you could do the same and comment it would be awesome! thank you very much!! -Bianca

  4. @Bianca; Thanks so much : )

    I'm now following you on both also.
    You have a great blog. I look forward to reading more.


  5. @Kathryn Great plans for the holidays !

    and it would be great for you to do a guest post sometime soon.

    look forward to bulding for of a relationship !



Thank you all for your lovely comments : ) I look forward to them !